103 Junior Suite I FERES

“Jir coi feres”, in Ladino, the local language, literally means “to go around with irons (under your feet)”, that is ice skating – a loved activity in our valley, to which we wanted to dedicate this Junior Suite on the first floor of the hotel.

Perfect for two or three persons, it overlooks the unforgettable panorama of the Colac and Gran Vernel.

Furnished in a modern style that is reminiscent of traditional mountain chalets. This room has the scent of larch wood which you can breathe while being pampered by the warm wooden floor.

At thedisposal of supplied

Bright bathroom area with shower, toilet and bidet
Furnishings made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, wool, down jackets)
Walk-in closet
Wellness bag (slippers and bathrobe)
WiFi Internet access