Light up the taste at sunset, overlooking the Dolomites!

The sunset over the Dolomites, also known as Enrosadira, is not simply a moment. It is a candid wait, a crescendo of emotions, an explosion of colors from yellow to pink, which makes you feel at one with the wonder that surrounds you. It is a state of mind, that of enchantment even if you have perhaps already seen it a thousand times, for which there is no cold that can hold, because it would be worth it anyway.

If we then add the meters of snow covering the landscape and a wow snack based on local products, traditional desserts and tasty platters combined with craft beers, Trentino wines or a hot herbal tea, you have everything you need to experience a of the greatest emotions that these peaks can give you.

An experience to be seized immediately, when the weather permits, with the right time to stop and listen to the silence and sounds of the forest.

For you we have a selection of easily accessible places where you can enjoy this show, combined with a wow snack and in some cases even an exclusive dinner which becomes an integral part of this experience.


Don’t miss this opportunity!

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